The Autex quietspace range of products is a high end environmentally friendly product. We have worked prodominatley with the Autex brand but any expose wall lining acoustic materials is well within our scope and abilities.

Quietspace® 3D Tile

Quietspace® 3D Tile is the latest edition to the Quietspace range. With the fusion of shape and form coupled with excellent acoustic performance, Quietspace 3D tiles will allow you to create unique vibrant interiors rich with colour and textures all while helping reduce unwanted noise.
With the demands of today’s busy environment, increasingly we seek out places of refuge away from the noise and the hustle and bustle. From the spaces we work and learn in to where we meet our friends, keeping noise levels down is one of the most important aspects of modern design. Our well being depends on it.

With Autex’s expertise in the manufacture of acoustic products coupled with the design flare from Calvert Plastics, the result is a truly dynamic product that will create both a statement and improve the acoustic performance of any interior.

Quietspace 3D tiles are a completely demountable three dimensional tile that can easily be repositioned or changed out so your interior needs never be static. Designed to be fixed either directly or by way of a simple clip that snaps into four sections, the tiles can be easily mounted onto most substrates without anything more than a few screws or double-sided tape.
Designed to be used on any internal wall, Quietspace 3D tile is also at home as part of a ceiling system creating stunning functional interiors.

They are thoroughly tested to meet internationally recognised acoustic standards, reliability and performance are guaranteed.

Manufactured from 100% polyester with not less than 60% post consumer recycled material, Quietspace 3D tiles can be used to assist towards gaining points under sections in IEQ and the applicable mat calculators for buildings and fit-outs undergoing Green Star accreditation.
Thermally bonded and formed means no need for chemical binders, unlike glass and rock wool based products. Being 100% polyester and demountable, they are also fully recyclable at the end of their life which also means we can help reduce our load on the waste stream.